Pastor’s Thoughts

Pastor’s Thoughts

This third Sunday of Easter we have an explanation of the purpose of Easter and the entire paschal events. St. Luke, the author of this weeks gospel, Explains the reason why our Lord Jesus died and rose from the dead. Jesus really died, and Jesus really rose from the...

Pastor’s Thoughts

This weekend the church celebrates “Divine Mercy Sunday.” In Catholicism, divine Mercy is a devotion to Jesus Christ associated with the apparitions of Jesus to Saint Faustina Kowalska. The venerated image under this Christological title refers to what Sr. Kowalska's...

Pastor’s Thoughts

Easter is so much more than eggs and egg hunts, rabbits and chicks, flowers and baskets, and yes even much more than chocolate! Oh, how our broken world needs Easter more than ever. So central to our faith is the Resurrection that St. Paul writes, “If Christ be not...

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Fr. Andrew Leaving

Fr. Andrew Knapik will be moving back to Poland during his retirement early in January/February. We want to thank father for all his assistance to St. John Cantius Church over the years. To try and find another Polish speaking priest to take Fr. Andrew's position for...


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