Pastor’s Thoughts

Mar 21, 2024

Holy Week celebrates some of the most dramatic liturgies of the entire Church. It all begins today, Palm Sunday. Jesus is welcomed by the crowds throwing branches as he triumphantly enters Jerusalem. Little do many know, He entered Jerusalem to die. His steps of hope are also steps to His crucifixion. Just a few days later, many who welcomed Him are now shouting the ever haunting words, “Crucify Him crucify Him . . .” Holy Week does not simply represent a past history, but is a living reality. In our own experiences, we often move from death to life, operate with clarity then confusion, and certainty to doubt. This tells the story of Holy Week in our own lives. I want to personally invite everyone to participate in all the events that are taking place this week. Everyone is invited on Tuesday April 25 at 7 pm to a Tenebrae service which will be held at St. Wendelin Church. If you have never attended one, you will experience a very dramatic service of lights, readings, and chants as the Lamentations of Jeremiah from the Old Testament are sung. Holy Thursday (sometimes referred to as Maundy Thursday) Mass of the Lord’s supper will be held at SJC at 6:30 pm. The church will remain open until 11:00 PM for private prayer. On Good Friday, the Solomon services begins at 3:00 pm. That same Good Friday evening at 6:30 pm we will have Solomon stations of the cross followed by a communion service for those who many not have able to attend the 3 pm services. Holy Saturday we have 3 food blessings scheduled (11 am, 12 noon, and 1:00 pm). The Easter vigil will begin at 7 PM. Remember, there is NO 4 PM MASS ON HOLY SATURDAY. Easter Sunday morning will be the Polish Mass beginning at 8:00 AM, then the 11:30 AM English Mass. I welcome each of to each of these most Solomon events this week. God Bless, Fr. Roach