Pastor’s Thoughts

May 23, 2024

This Monday we celebrate ‘MEMORIAL DAY’ a day that was instituted by Major General John A. Logan in 1886. It was about three years since the civil war ended that the head of the Grand Army of the Republic, Gen John Logan established what was called then “Decoration Day.” Decoration Day was a day to remember all who had lost their lives in the Civil War. People were urged to bring flowers and memorials to ‘decorate’ the graves of the fallen veterans of the Civil War. Thus the name for this day began as ‘DECORATION DAY.” Eventually in 1967 the name was changed to MEMORIAL DAY, a day in which we remember ALL those who lost their lives in service for their country. Please join us on Monday, Memorial Day for a Mass at 9 am (followed by the Miraculous Medal Novena) to remember all of our fallen loved ones and all service men and women who fought to make this country what it is today. The Mass on Monday will be offered for all deceased veterans. A special thanks to everyone who helped with our ‘Spring Fling’ event this past weekend. The meal was fantastic and as we gathered together, it was a wonderful building of our parish community. A special thanks and shout our to our cooks and kitchen staff! Also those who set up and remained after the event to clean up. Speaking of community, we want to host another parish picnic (free of charge to parishioners) as we did around the pandemic. It will be Sunday July 28th in the back parking lot of the rectory following the 11:30 Mass. We will have a food truck grilling burgers, dogs, home made fires, potatosalad, desert etc. We will be providing updates and have you call in and give us your count (Please, NOT CALL NOW until we let you know). Please, Please, Please ….. food costs are outrageous and if you sign up the expectation is you will come. Otherwise we pay for you even if you are not there. Finally, a big thank you to everyone who contributed to raising funds for our new sound system. We reached our goal!!! I was amazed that a good amount of funding came from nonparishioners who occasionally attend St John Cantius because they love our church and the parishioners. That is a statement and testimony to everyone at SJC. May God continue to bless our parish and on this Memorial Day weekend, bless our nation and bless all of our service men and women. Fr. Roach