Pastor’s Thoughts

Apr 18, 2024

I trust the title of my column caught your attention. We have a grave and immediate need for A NEW SOUND SYSTEM. In case you were unaware, our current sound system is over 23 years old! I am happy to report I signed a contract for a brandnew sound system for the church. I know it has been a thorn in my side and everyone else. I hear over and over how people can’t hear, the sound is ‘mumbled’, things are not clear in the back of church (which I explained was due to the large echo from the front to the rear of the church.) The first estimate if you recall during one of my homilies was $49,000. The second estimate was $27,000 a much more reasonable priced estimate. That quote was from a vendor (Precision Multimedia) who has installed many sound systems in the diocese and is highly recommended by pastors and the diocese. I have two options to fund the project. First would be to pull funds from our savings. The second idea that I have is asking 27 parishioners to donate $1,000.00. I am now in my 6th year as pastor, and I don’t preach money sermons. I try and find new ways to procure funds. The first thing I did was to raise the rent on the schools which has enabled us to perform many long overdue repairs. This move has substantially increased our savings. However, tenants are no guarantee for future income. They can always leave. I want to continue to build our savings reserves just for that purpose a reserve, not a general operating account. Your $1,000.00 donation IS tax deductible, and we will put the amount in your annual giving to the parish so it will be included in all your end of the year statement. If you are not a parishioner, we can furnish a letter upon request. If $1,000.00 is beyond your budget, then consider contributing what you are able. Anything helps. I know we have a generous parish community and I want to say ‘thank you’ in advance as we move forward into the future. Sincerely in Christ, Fr. Roach